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    My name is Jessica Beeson. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle School English Education and have spent the majority of my working career in academics.
    I have been blessed to have worked with rising authors and speakers such as Anthony Fonte, Mike Kitko, and Justine Froelker. I have also begun authoring my own book chronicling my family's battle with cancer, liver transplant, and infertility. I look forward to assisting you with your projects. I am familiar with a variety of genres including mystery, paranormal romance, sci-fi, self-help, fiction, and nonfiction works. I not only provide spelling, format, sequence, and grammatical corrections, but I also take the time to meet with you to discuss your vision for the story. This is so that I can keep your writing style, story purpose, and goals in mind while I work with you to create a final product that not only fits what YOU want it to be, but one that your readers will enjoy as well.

  • Services

    Check out some of the services we offer!

    • Basic proofreading to correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors
    • Heavy editing to improve flow, clarity, syntax, and sentence structure
    • Critical review and consultation (Coaching) on how to strengthen your manuscript
    • Developmental editing to enhance the structure and substance of the text
    • Rewriting or paraphrasing to summarize areas of improvement or to improve existing sections of the manuscript

    Short Story And Full-Length Book Editing

    Is this your first book, or are you currently in the process of writing a standalone story? Beeson Editing Services can help make sure the structure of your story is conducive to your readers and aligns with your purpose and goals for your manuscript.  

    Novel Series Editing

    Are you currently writing, or have you already written a series of stories that involves more than one book? Beeson Editing Services can help you continue the story line while making sure that your vision and your readers stay on the same page.

    High School and College Proofreading

    Working on that tough essay, or in a battle against the dreaded writer's block? Call Beeson Editing Services for all your essay writing and proofreading needs. Whether you need help outlining your ideas, or someone to go over your essay and polish it up, call us today at 314-620-9195


    email us at jbeeson@beesonediting.com

  • Featured Author

    Shaun Sundahl
    Author, Law Enforcement Officer, Private Investigator

    Sundahl & Associates is a company dedicated to serving the public in a private context. Our Corporation consists of educated and experienced persons, former and current police officers who are in the business of empowering others. We empower others by providing the tools and professionalism needed for our clients to make informative decisions.


    Mr. Sundahl has over 19 years of experience in the public safety and investigation sector. He brings to the company his education and his practical experience that includes his tenure as a private investigator, police officer, private patrol operator qualified manager, and firearms instructor.

    Mr. Sundahl has authored two books: The California Legal Investigator and The Private Security Contractor. The California Legal Investigator regularly achieves ranking in the Legal Services Section of Amazon's Top 100 Books. Currently, Mr. Sundahl is authoring his third book, A No-Nonsense Guide to Dealing with Stalkers. This book is scheduled for a 2019 release and will be designed for women dealing with stalkers from a former relationship.


    Click HERE to learn more about Shaun, his books, and the services he provides!

  • Featured Book

    The California Legal Investigator: A Book on Investigative Methods for Investigators Without Law Enforcement Authority and Managing a California-Based Private Investigations Agency

    This book features the 2018 update and a 150-question practice exam.

    This book serves three main audiences. The first audience consists of anyone employed or seeking employment as a private investigator, criminal defense investigator, SIU investigator, claims investigator, background investigator, loss prevention investigator, an investigator assigned to a law firm, or any investigator who does not have access to law enforcement restricted information. These readers will find this book a helpful resource guide to conducting a basic investigation. The second audience includes those looking for assistance in learning how to open and manage a California-based investigations agency. The third audience, for which this book has been particularly helpful, involves those preparing to pass the California Private Investigator Exam. Readers in this category have found the discussion about the Business and Professions Code, Penal Code, Civil Code, Civil Code of Civil Procedures, Evidence Code, and the Vehicle Code particularly beneficial. This book also contains information on background investigations, client intake procedures, criminal defense strategies, court procedures, ethics, gathering information, marketing, planning, surveillance techniques, public and private record searches, skip-tracing procedures, traffic collision investigations, trial preparation, and much more.

    In addition, this book contains legal analyses of court decisions and statutory law. Although nothing in this book can be construed as legal advice, Shaun has hired several attorney-editors to help the reader understand and clarify the book’s content.


    Click HERE to purchase!

  • Justine Froelker

    Author of Ever Upward

    Ever Upward is not the typical infertility book and blog filled with follicle counts, Clomid crazy train side effects and recounts of painful procedures. It is filled with struggle, hope and recovery, it is a book and blog about life. Ever Upward is my story, and yet every couple’s story; parent or not, because behind the wall of silence, shame, the smile, and the ‘I can do everything’ attitude lies millions of people suffering in silence with the pain of infertility, pregnancy loss and recovery. And yet our connection to our stories, is the only way back to the truth of who we are, to own ourselves again.

    Shaun Sundahl


    Each year, hundreds of current, former, and retiring law enforcement officers, attempt the transition to private or non-sworn investigator employment. Although the officer may have excelled in his or her former career, starting one's business is challenging. More challenging, is having to function in the private sector without the same resources and authority law enforcement traditionally has — the National Crime and Information Center, the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS), the ability to arrest for impeding an investigation, the cooperation that is generally received when one is a sworn officer, a helicopter, a team of undercover investigators, and a dispatcher.
    Coming from a law enforcement background, Shaun understands this lack in resources. With this book, Shaun has created a bridge to cover the uncertainties of what a non-sworn investigator can and cannot do with the resources available.

    Matthew Knegt

    Author of Find Your Focus: A Practical Guide To Identify Your Obstacles, Test Tactics to Beat Them and Improve Your Focus.


    You are unique, which means your action plan to beat obstacles and skyrocket your focus should be unique too.

    If you want to make real progress and see real results, this book is your answer. It is a practical 4-week guide to help you sharpen your focus and it is built on 3 ideas:

    1. Discovering the obstacles that hold you back.

    2. Testing tactics to break through your obstacles.

    3. Tweaking and optimizing to find your sweet spot.

    It doesn't matter if you are in management and leadership, education and training, a small business owner or a student - you’ll find a rich resource in this book. Better focus means greater productivity, fewer distractions, less stress, and achieving your goals - and who doesn't want that?

    Anthony Fonte

    Author of New Beginnings

    Anthony (Tony) Fonte is a New Beginnings coach, an author, a speaker, and most importantly, a dad. Inspired by the tragic loss of his wife in 2011 and the many life experiences he has walked through, Tony began a journey of intense personal growth and vulnerability where he learned tools to help him create a new beginning for him and his daughter. He was (and still is) intentional about overcoming tragedy as well as his past, so that he can be the man, and the dad, he wants to be. Now, he teaches these same tools to help others achieve their new beginning and transform their lives and their relationships. You can feel, see, and hear the passion when Tony talks about these trials and the triumphs. The systems and tools Tony uses in his one-on-one sessions, his small groups, or his large groups from the stage help others achieve results extraordinarily fast. He believes that life is a journey, not a sprint, and hopes that New Beginnings will help you find the life that YOU were created to live.

  • Hear From Our Clients

    Mike Kitko

    Check out this video review from Mike Kitko, Blogger, Speaker, and Coach at High Performance Coaching.

    Anthony Fonte

    Check out this video review from Anthony Fonte, Author and Life Coach at New Beginnings.

  • Reviews

    Check out what some of our clients have to say...

    Shaun E. Sundahl

    Author and Private Investigator

    In the 2014 edition of my book, The California Legal Investigator, many of my colleagues have said great things about my book's content, but criticized the grammar, syntax, punctuation, and the clarity. So, in late 2017, I hired Jessica Beeson from Beeson Editing to do a final edit on my manuscript to fix those problems.

    Those who know me, know that I don't "sugar coat" reviews and this review is no exception. Jessica's pricing was a little higher than other freelance editors who worked on my book, but her prices were lower than brick and mortar copy editing companies. The saying of "you get what you pay for" holds true and Jessica's work was exceptional.

    Overall, I saw value in Jessica's work and I would recommend her service to anyone who appreciates the work of a professional editor.

    As of October 30, 2017, my book hit #1 on Amazon's Kindle Legal Section. Sometimes throughout the day it will shift to #2 or #4, but that's not too bad considering there are over tens of thousands of books on Kindle. Again, thank you to Jessica and her company for making this happen!!

    Anthony Fonte

    Author of New Beginnings

    "Jess took my book and turned it into a masterpiece. I cannot recommend her enough! She is amazing!"

    Lisa H.

    Mom of a High School Student

    "We had Jessica help our daughter with her college entrance essay and not only did she get accepted to the nursing program at SLU, but she also got a scholarship! We can't thank her enough for all her help!"

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