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    Hello! My name is Jessica Beeson. I am a freelance book editor, writer, and owner of Beeson Editing Services, LLC based in St. Louis, MO. I have been an avid reader all my life and am familiar with many genres. I have a B.A. in English Education and am familiar with the entire process of writing and editing a book including content feedback, grammatical corrections, character development, dialogue, and suggested formatting changes. I can also help you with the publishing process from the proposal to the final product.


    I have worked with published authors including Shaun Sundahl, Brad Elward, A.J. Cartes, Marcus Dawes, Matthew Knegt, and many others. I also have a wide range of skills and experience with various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, crime, paranormal, mystery, children's, argumentative essays, environmental, personal growth, and autobiographies. I love reading new manuscripts from authors, but am also honest with my responses. I am a certified teacher and have a lot of experience with the teaching and coaching side of things, so I can help you along the way.


    Along with my coaching and editing services, I will also put you and your book on our website under the "Featured Author" and "Featured Book" sections to help with the marketing aspect in regards to promoting your work. I would be happy to help you with your current book, as well as any future projects you may have. I look forward to talking with you more and hope to work together soon!


    Warmest Regards,
    Jessica Beeson
    Owner/Senior Editor
    Beeson Editing Services, LLC

  • Services

    Check out some of the services we offer!

    • Basic Proofreading to correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
    • Heavy Editing to improve flow, clarity, syntax, and sentence structure.
    • Critical Review and Consultation (Coaching) on how to strengthen your manuscript.
    • Developmental Editing to enhance the structure and substance of the text.
    • Copywriting to design and develop marketing material, so you don't have to!
    • Rewriting or Paraphrasing to summarize areas of improvement or to improve existing sections of the manuscript.
    • Beta Reading to help improve overall flow, consistency, and marketability based on your target audience.

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    Short Story And Full-Length Book Editing

    Is this your first book, or are you currently in the process of writing a standalone story? Beeson Editing Services can help make sure the structure of your story is conducive to your readers and aligns with your purpose and goals for your manuscript.

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    Novel Series Editing

    Are you currently writing, or have you already written a series of stories that involves more than one book? Beeson Editing Services can help you continue the story line while making sure that your vision and your readers stay on the same page.

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    Resume Creation and Editing

    Looking for a change in careers? Call Beeson Editing. Wanting to dust off or polish that old resume, but feeling overwhelmed? Call Beeson Editing. Do you know what employers are looking for? Beeson Editing does! We have helped dozens of professionals in a variety of fields update their resumes, expand their digital portfolio, and find the career of their dreams. If you landing that dream job, call us today at 314-620-9195


    email us at jbeeson@beesonediting.com.

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    High School and College Proofreading

    Working on that tough essay or in a battle against the dreaded writer's block? Call Beeson Editing Services for all your essay writing and proofreading needs. Whether you need help outlining your ideas, or someone to go over your essay and polish it up, call us today at 314-620-9195


    email us at jbeeson@beesonediting.com.

  • Featured Author

    Marcus Dawes

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    U.S. Navy Veteran and Author of Thanks Uncle Sam: What I Wish I had Known to Maximize My Enlistment

    Marcus Dawes is a U.S. Navy veteran of five years. He proudly served in Virginia Beach, VA as an air traffic control non-commissioned officer. He also served an Operation Iraqi Freedom seven month deployment on board the U.S.S. Harry. S. Truman. Now, he is a Certified Professional Air Traffic Controller at the busiest facility in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


    Make sure to check out his website HERE for more information!

  • Featured Book

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    The Adventures of Mushy the Martian: Dealing With Bullies

    In a world of “dog eat dog” and insensitivity, Mushy the Martian lands on Planet Earth to gain more insight on how to become a leader. Upon his first visit, Mushy encounters a group of friends who have different views on how they deal with bullies. After listening to his friends’ advice on the matter, Mushy must decide the best approach on how to handle bullying.


    Click HERE to purchase!

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    Marcus Dawes

    U.S. Navy Veteran and Author of Thanks Uncle Sam: What I Wish I Knew Before Military Service​

    Marcus Dawes is a U.S. Navy veteran of five years. He proudly served in Virginia Beach, VA as an air traffic control non-commissioned officer. He also served an Operation Iraqi Freedom seven month deployment on board the U.S.S. Harry. S. Truman. Now, he is a Certified Professional Air Traffic Controller at the busiest facility in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


    Check out his book, now available on Amazon by clicking HERE!


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    Pam Martin

    Author of "The Girl in the Mirror"


    Pam Martin is a nutrition, fitness, and motivational coach who helps her clients find and become the best version of themselves. She has a passion for helping people and can relate to her clients as she had to struggle with her own weight and body image issues from a young age. Through hard work, faith, and pure determination, she was finally able to lose the weight and become a happier, healthier version of herself. Over the years, she has developed a program to not only help you lose weight, feel great, and get healthy, but one that helps you begin to love yourself for who you are and who are becoming. Through life's trials and the inconceivable grief of losing her son, she has learned that you can still find a way to love the girl in the mirror.

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    Stephanie Paasch

    Meet Stephanie Paasch.

    Stephanie Paasch is a married mother of 3 wonderful children. She has dreamed of being an author since she held her first pencil. When she isn’t writing her incredible children’s series’, she is reading or researching, or traveling to find inspiration for future stories. She likes to challenge her kids and plot and plan future books with their input and imaginations flowing.


    As a child, she read every book she could find and had dozens of favorite authors. In fact, she read every kid appropriate book in her local library! As an adult, she introduced her children to the love of reading and passed along some of those same author’s series.


    If you would like to find out more, or talk to Stephanie about her series, you can email her at: AuthorSPaasch@gmail.com

    or click on the link below for pictures, sneak peeks and more!


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    Doug Jenkinson

    Meet Doug Jenkinson, author of Magnolia in Ilium. Doug is a published author and loves everything fantasy, mystery, and fun! His latest tale involves twelve-year-old Magnolia Bannister who lives a carefree life aboard her parent's magical steamboat, a vessel that travels half-in, and half-out of, the domain of men and women.

    But all that is about to change when her parents hand her an emerald-green envelope with spidery golden writing on it. It's an announcement from Gryndells, a prestigious school for magician children in Ilium, telling her that she has been enrolled in school there.

    Magnolia sends sparks flying, but when she meets a three-hundred-year old magician who gives her a special ring and tells her that "things won't go so well" in Ilium if she doesn't accept it, Magnolia's curiosity takes hold and she has a change of heart.

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    Author • Speaker • Entrepreneur

    Alex Rodriguez has worked with brands across several continents and cultures. After mentoring hundreds of business leaders and helping them improve their sales results, he’s observed four essential traits of solid personal brands, which he explains in his latest book, Sell You Before You Sell.


    An Accomplished Author

    Between his English and Spanish works, Alex’s books have landed in five different categories on the Amazon bestseller lists.

    His books have traveled around the world, and have even been used as required reading at prestigious higher education institutions.

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    Alicia Curiel

    A. Curiel is the author of two books, including The Creator of the Universe. First released in 2017, The Creator of the Universe offers a completely different perspective on polarity, from its origin to its purpose. This is a story that will guide you through a journey of action, love, and mystery. Throughout this tale, Curiel will weave worlds together in a way that entrances the heart, enriches the soul, and entertains the mind.

    A. Curiel has lived in Taiwan, London, Mexico, Venezuela and Florida. A. Curiel is a well-known writer and illustrator and has also won numerous national readers’ choice awards across America.

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    Shaun Sundahl


    Each year, hundreds of current, former, and retiring law enforcement officers, attempt the transition to private or non-sworn investigator employment. Although the officer may have excelled in his or her former career, starting one's business is challenging. More challenging, is having to function in the private sector without the same resources and authority law enforcement traditionally has — the National Crime and Information Center, the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS), the ability to arrest for impeding an investigation, the cooperation that is generally received when one is a sworn officer, a helicopter, a team of undercover investigators, and a dispatcher.

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    Matthew Knegt

    Author of Find Your Focus: A Practical Guide To Identify Your Obstacles, Test Tactics to Beat Them and Improve Your Focus.


    You are unique, which means your action plan to beat obstacles and skyrocket your focus should be unique too.

    If you want to make real progress and see real results, this book is your answer. It is a practical 4-week guide to help you sharpen your focus and it is built on 3 ideas:

    1. Discovering the obstacles that hold you back.

    2. Testing tactics to break through your obstacles.

    3. Tweaking and optimizing to find your sweet spot.

    It doesn't matter if you are in management and leadership, education and training, a small business owner or a student - you’ll find a rich resource in this book. Better focus means greater productivity, fewer distractions, less stress, and achieving your goals - and who doesn't want that?

  • Hear From Our Clients

    Tony Fonte

    Check out this video review from Tony Fonte, Author, Speaker, and Life Coach.

  • Reviews

    Check out what some of our clients have to say...

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    Shaun E. Sundahl

    Author and Private Investigator

    In the 2014 edition of my book, The California Legal Investigator, many of my colleagues have said great things about my book's content, but criticized the grammar, syntax, punctuation, and the clarity. So, in late 2017, I hired Jessica Beeson from Beeson Editing to do a final edit on my manuscript to fix those problems.

    Those who know me, know that I don't "sugar coat" reviews and this review is no exception. Jessica's pricing was a little higher than other freelance editors who worked on my book, but her prices were lower than brick and mortar copyediting companies. The saying of "you get what you pay for" holds true and Jessica's work was exceptional.

    Overall, I saw value in Jessica's work and I would recommend her service to anyone who appreciates the work of a professional editor.

    As of October 30, 2017, my book hit #1 on Amazon's Kindle Legal Section. Sometimes throughout the day it will shift to #2 or #4, but that's not too bad considering there are over tens of thousands of books on Kindle. Again, thank you to Jessica and her company for making this happen!!

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    Marcus Dawes

    Author of Thanks Uncle Sam

    "I’d like to thank my coach, Mrs. Jessica Beeson. Jessica took my random thoughts I had initially written and helped turn them into a product I can be proud of. She is an amazing writing coach even when I wasn't the best client. She was patient, clear, honest, and efficient. I honestly felt like she saw how my vision would look even before I could grasp it. Thank you Jessica for helping make this dream a reality! If you aspire to write a book, I’d contact her to get started."

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    Stephanie Paasch

    Author of The Adventures of Sparklepants

    Jess is amazing! She helps bring out exactly what every author needs to make their books great! I am speaking from personal experience! Loved working with Jess on my projects and highly recommend her services!

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    Doug Jenkinson

    Author of Magnolia in Ilium

    I would like to express my thanks to Jessica Beeson of Beeson Editing Services LLC in Saint Charles for the wonderful work she did editing my recent book, Magnolia in Ilium. I'd like to suggest her services to any local author wanting a good sound editor for their project.

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    Anthony Fonte

    Author of New Beginnings

    "Jess took my book and turned it into a masterpiece. I cannot recommend her enough! She is amazing! She was kind, honest, and really helped me heal through grief while writing my story. After I lost my wife, I was bitter, angry, and hateful. She not only helped me tell my story, but she listened...and that's what I needed. "

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    Lisa H.

    Mom of a High School Student

    "We had Jessica help our daughter with her college entrance essay and not only did she get accepted to the nursing program at SLU, but she also got a scholarship! We can't thank her enough for all her help!"

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